IPM Program

A program consist in a group of services specifically selected according to the needs of your facility.
The pests such as termites, rodents and roaches are also part of the natural environment, and the conditions for them to reproduce and enter to every structure is a cycle that does not stop. This is due to the favorable temperatures and other conditions that allow a constant growth in their population. Therefore, even when you treat your facility one time, eventually, the pests will always come back.

That’s the reason why we offer to our clients programs that will provide constant protection.
Our program is designed on the basis of an IPM schedule of planned activities throughout the year.
These non-invasive treatments are made with products of low toxicity that do not require personnel or guests evacuation and are safe to the public’s health. We work with the newest chemicals that allow us to not disturb your daily routine.

All active IPM programs also provide emergency assistance. This means if you have an anomaly or emergency we will do all the necessary treatments within your program to resolve it. You will have assistance support throughout the entire year to help in any emergency that comes along, which can be a new entry of several rodents, roaches, a new colony of termites, etc. Pests are always in the move, looking to new places to nest and eat.

The program’s goal is to establish permanent control over any new entry and keep the area secure from these pests.
A program controls not only existing infestation but also prevents them for happening again.

The programs are paid by monthly fixed quotes, which provides you all the coverage and support you need.