Flies & Mosquitos

Indoors Flies & Mosquitos Controller

This is an insecticide made from the flower of chrysanthemum and its design to work indoors only.
The insects cannot develop immunity to their active principle.
The Controller is a very low-toxic insecticide which can be used inside of a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.
You can use it safely near your foods and in closed small areas without danger of intoxication. This is a non toxic product.
The Flies & Mosquitos Controller comes in an Aerosol Can that allows you to make a shot. Once the shot is made a cloud of small particles of the insecticide will go into the air and when the flies, mosquitos or any other flying insects, such as gnats or fruit flies have contact with this cloud will start to look for places with light and 2 minutes later will die.

It is important when you make the shot make sure to aim right and make sure the cloud has contact with the insects in order to work. This will be much easier than using a racket since you can reach them more easily with a shot of the can and the cloud that is formed.

This product can be used to clean your room, kitchen, garage, etc. from flying insects. You can even perform a total clean out by spraying as many shots as you can throughout the entire room forming a big cloud, and then closing the room and waiting 10 minutes to clear. This is like performing a non-toxic fumigation in your home. Or just killing a few flies or a few mosquitoes that are bothering you in your home.
Indoors Metered Dispenser

The Flies & Mosquitos Controller can be placed inside of the Dispenser.
This dispenser makes an automatic shot every 15 or 30 minutes depending on the time of your choosing. Instead of taking the shots manually, you can set up the dispenser in a high point in your wall, and the cloud will be automatically released falling into the mosquitoes and flies that are present. In this way you can have your room clear from flying insects 24 hours a day.
Outdoors Flies Trap

Controlling the flies outside can be difficult, especially when you are cooking. That’s why you can try to diminish the quantity by catching them!
The Outdoors Flies trap comes with a pheromone that draws the flies into the trap and won’t allow them to get back out.
The pheromone can be very smelly, so it’s meant to be used outdoors only.