Rats Neutralizer

Having rats & mice is dangerous, since they can transmit diseases.
If you have them inside your home you need to make sure to act right away to neutralize them.
Place the Rats Neutralizer where you have seen rats activity (heard them, seen their feces or bitten bags of food or boxes) and leave the neutralizer there.
After you place it you will need to wait until the rats & mice feel comfortable enough to feed from it and be neutralized! After two or three days after consumption they will die in their nest.

If you have them outside or inside of your home, select places that are hidden, like corners, back of pantries, under a fridge, behind a big shelf. A good place is where it is hidden not only from humans, but also hidden from the sun and water. You can place it where you have bushes or near the garbage cans.
A good dark and fresh place is what a rat is always looking for!
If you want to make your neutralizer a little bit more attractive you can rub some peanut butter or sardines. They will go crazy for it!

Please make sure your pets and kids won’t be able to reach this product, and make sure not to touch it with your bare hands. Always use gloves (rats don’t trust food that smells like humans just touched it)
Rodents Bait Station

You have pets and want to be safe with the Rats Neutralizer?
The Bait Station provides the perfect spot for rats & mice to stop and eat, and the good news is that they are the only ones they can get in! Dogs and Cats cannot go inside the station, only rats & mices.
You can place it outside, like in your backyard or inside, in your kitchen. The bait will be safe inside of the station, and you can check later on if the rats have consumed the Neutralizer.

If you have pets or children we recommend you buy this product along with the neutralizer and ask for our Professionals to help you set it up at the store!
Go home and just place it where you want to.