Furniture Termites Controller

Having termites destroying your wooden furniture? You can still save it! You will need a small drill and the Furniture Termites Controller. Open small holes where you are suspecting the termites activity and in all the other points you can cover. Then, insert the foam controller so the product can reach the termites. Once it is there, it will start killing the whole colony.
Repeat this process until you don’t see anymore termites droppings and close the small holes.
Soil Protection
Termites Bait Station

Want to diminish as much as possible the chance of getting termites into your home?
You place the Termites Bait Station around your home to form a barrier. This barrier once the termites eat from them the whole colony gets neutralized.

What do you need to do?
Open a small hole for the station, put some wood inside of the bait station and inside of the hole, it can be any kind of wood.
Then, put the station and close the hole.
The idea is to get the attention of the termites so they eat from the wood you placed as bait, and afterwards they get in contact with the poison.
The station will be guarding that spot for a year.

Place the stations in all the places you think you can get termites or you don’t want termites, for example, right next to a tree, a palm tree, under a wooden terrace, or a concrete terrace. If you are going to form a perimeter, place the stations approximately 1,5 meters apart.

Every year, just change the charge of the station and place some fresh new wood in the hole. Remember, the idea is to distract the termites to get into the place you are protecting and neutralize the colony once they eat from the bait.

This station only works with the termites that come from soil and form mug tubes. Not the termites that are located inside of the wood and produce droppings. For that case please go to the Furniture Termites Controller.