The Solution You Were Looking For In Bonaire

We are a Pest Control company located in Bonaire.
We provide Services for Companies
And Products for your home in our Store.
Whatever is the problem, we are here for you!
In our store we offer Do It Yourself Pest Control Products that are safe and friendly to use.
Also we provide Free Professionals Tips on which product you need and most importantly on how to use it!
Look for us on Google Maps as “Target Pest Control Bonaire”
We provide specialized services such as Integral Pest Management Programs or One-time Services to control one or multiple pests.
Our systems are up-to-date with the latest studies and chemical technology.
Our chemicals have minimum impact and high control efficiency with minimum invasion to your routine. Big fumigations are no longer the rule but the exception with our programs.
We offer specialized “tailor-made”
Integral Pest Management (IPM) Programs to facilities, establishing control over the pests throughout the year.
Every program includes emergency calls and visits, to assist you in any emergency or anomaly.
You never know when a new rat is in town! And we are the sheriffs!